2012 was the year when a district in Oslo, Southern Nordstrand, for the first time had a population where the majority had an immigrant background.

Now the proportion of persons with immigrant backgrounds over fifty percent also in districts Stovner and Alna - and 2015 figures from Statistics Norway (SSB) show that Grorud's heels.

Growth in the proportion of immigrants is also strongest in these four districts that already have the most. In the past five years, the proportion in Stovner increased by 9.1 percentage points. By comparison, the proportion in the district Nordre Aker by 1.5 percentage points.

It worries FRP veteran and Oslo-politician Carl I. Hagen.

- If current trends continue, there will be districts where it ultimately does not live ethnic Norwegian, and when we get an even stronger segregated city with opportunities for parallel society not only in terms of culture and values, but also geographically, says Hagen, with clear reference to partikollegas Mazyar Keshvaris rumblings in class struggle on parallel society among immigrants.

Immigrants are increasing everywhere in the capital.

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