I just surfed upon this one this morning...--v

...so funny, haha

Nevermind that today is not anywhere near to Leif Erikson Day (at least in North America). Thorburn and I discussed my facial hair just the other day and my current 'configuration' of it (i. e., a "half-beard"); and I've said it before and will repeat it here, when I grew my first full beard at age 16 it 'came out' ~90% orange-red (or 'orange-ginger') (and the other % was blond) along the lines of this Spongebob beard, laugh. Since those days of my life, my beards went less and less red/ginger, which totally sux (but we can't always 'keep' what we love and want). My irises haven't been as blue as his are here since I was a baby, sadly, Thank God!, though, at least I've never had YELLOW!! skin, *BIG CHUCKLE!* ^|^

B. t. w., I don't watch Spongebob (hardly ever have really), but he is one wacky-ass cartoon character that's fer sure.