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I don't know if it's "time for it to die." Christianity has been subverted, in almost all its branches, in a slow, insidious process, for the past hundred years. The schools and media as well. That does not mean the latter two must "die," either. It means they all need a serious cleansing.

I think it should be obvious to us all by now that Francis is an interloper. He's an anti-white communist, placed there by the globalists to direct things to their purpose. Benedict XVI was too conservative and, indeed, holy for them. That's why they twisted his arm to resign, so they could install this wretch.
Although I do not think that Jorge Mario Bergoglio was an explicit proponent of "liberation theology", I'd say that he's definitely influenced by their ideas. He must have had contact with that kind of Marxists in Catholic Clothing. His statements regarding the subject are, you guessed it, once again ambiguous.

But Catholicism always had a humitarian version of Christianity in the sense of do-gooding and work salvation, actually praising the poor, the sick, the pathetic, the downtrodden. Shows you that with enough eisegesis everything is possible. In fact this kind of reading into the text is quite popular among Protestants as well. It essentially takes a pacifist, egalitarian and humanist approach, which actually forces its proponents to ignore large portion of scripture and traditional Christian teaches. Cosmological and Spiritual aspects are neglected in favor of a feel-good theology.