According to a politician from the SPD and a few other sources it looks like germany has far bigger problems then previously thought. We always knew that the money we are lending the greeks might never come back to us, and somehow have accepted it grudgingly. But the latest developments suggest that we germans might loose far more then that !
With a trick the voter and most politicians the ECB created a fait accompli without anyone really noticing. You see they bought government bonds en masse so countries like italy don´t have to pay too much interest, and they failed to ask anyone if that is even OK. Now we have them and can´t really sell them since nobody wants them. It looks like germany might have to manage 1 trillion in debt´s, of which nobody knows how much the countries can pay themselves and how much germany will have to pay for. A whopping trillion,and nobody even asked us !!! Good thing this is now public, so it stopped. Hewre a few links on this (P.S.: sorry for my bad english, i am a "little" drunk ^^):

The worst thing about this is that it was known in other countries for months already, while we know about it since exactly 2 days !!! I feel like our politicians have yet again sold us to the highest bidder, and all we can do is bend over and take it, since it is too late for any changes !!! I mean our children where already in debt up to their ears, without having any say in that. Now they have put another trillion on the heap, that was already big enough. I have made a post in german that showed a kid that is new born is already at least 50k in debt, because generations before him have betrayed him. In times where everything was practically perfect they have made unnecessary debt instead of saving for bad times. They have done that in the knowledge that they w2il never have to pay for this debt !
To add insult to injury in spain and in greece people are protesting against every little sanction and method to fight against their tremendous debt. What are they expecting ? Of course some of the things necessary will hurt, but they lived for decades beyond what they could finance, so now they will have to pay for that. Or are they expecting us to pay for it all ? As things are, we are already paying more then enough of THEIR debt, yet they have the audacity to show merkel in a nazi uniform on page one of many newspapers. OF COURSE we want to see that they do their share, it is THEIR debt after all, not ours !!!

The generation that was 15-40 in 1945 has betrayed us with these debt´s!!! But not only there, with the retirement benefits they did the same thing. Instead of saving the money they got from people to pay those benefits when they are old they invented the inter-generational contract. Basically that mean that people today pay the benefits for those that need them, and the next generation will again pay for the next generations benefits. On paper that sounds wonderful, but it won´t work, cause we got way too many old people, and not enough young people. They knew this was going to happen since the 60ies, and yet still went on with that model, since it payed well for their benefits. So my generation has to pay for the benefits of the elderly, fully knowing that they will never profit from this contract, so we have to save money for our own benefits as well. YET AGAIN THIS GENERATION HAS BETRAYED THE YOUNG GENERATION !!! I have even more examples, but I stop now before i really start raging !!!!!