ONE of the world’s most wanted terrorists escaped an international manhunt … by working as a van driver in Livingston.
But ETA chief Benat Atorrasagasti Ordonez’s decade of living as a fugitive came to an abrupt end when police raided his rented flat in Leith, Edinburgh.
Brazen Atorrasagasti had been *living there under a fake name with his wife and their children, while working for a courier firm in West Lothian.
The 36-year-old terror chief, of San Sebastian, in the Basque region of Spain, will appear in court in Edinburgh tomorrow and is expected to be extradited for trial in Europe.

Spanish authorities say he was living in Scotland as a “sleeper” – lying low while waiting for orders from the Basque terror group’s high command.
He is wanted in both France and Spain and last night it was still unclear which of the two countries he would be returned to.
Atorrasagasti went on the run in 2001 after the Spanish Civil Guard smashed the terror cell he had been working with.