Hello everyone,

I'm a mother and a homemaker, and while for some it may be different, here in Canada I find that I am limited to a very narrow social circle due to my desires and beliefs surrounding homemaking, being a stay at home mother and hopes to connect with other women of a Germanic background.

I'd like to find a way to connect the homemakers of Skadi somehow, so that we may offer support to one another, and even perhaps write to one another via old fashioned pen mail.

The old arts of womanhood are dying fast, and are increasingly viewed as archaic and undesirable in our current collective societies. I'd like to also join in discussion with other women about how to spread the message that being a mother, wife and a home maker is a noble, honourable thing to do.

Please feel free to add your thoughts on this matter to your post, I am very much inclined to connect us ladies across the lands so that we may retain, and preserve our cultures and values despite our locations.