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I often find this to be the problem with football fans though - their allegiance to their club is such that it completely misses the wider issues I'm sure that those who control such matters are more than happy to allow football hysteria to split the White working class by getting them to channel their anger towards each other whilst worshipping foreigners who 'represent' their own side.

It's petty tribalism at its worst, but very effective as a divide-and-rule strategy at both national and international levels!
If they chuck more muds on the team, then people will have a harder time hating them, that's their tactic.

Football tribalism makes me laugh. Most of my mates are Evertonians, boy have I heard some of that stupid crap they start with the Liverpudlians , oh lord.

My friend's father's friend claims that he would have killed himself by now if it weren't for Everton, he only lives for the team. Some people..

Like you say, divide and rule.. I hate how damn effective it is.