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Hope the trip didn't set you back too much Great pictures, Bergen is a beautiful town.
It was expensive, but i knew that beforehand

This fantastic experience is a lot more worth to me than money for which i otherwise would buy some stuff i really don't need.

Yes, Bergen was truly beautiful. I found it to be by far the nicest city to be in, of the bigger cities we went to (Kristiansand, Stavanger and Bergen). Also, i recognised a lot from a filmseries i'm following (Varg Veum) Also, i'm starting to understand these Vestlandsk dialects more and more (i'm "studying" the south-eastern variant of Norsk).

Is Trondheim (i once read you live there) very different from these cities? I'd like to go there sometime, when i have more time (we only had 1,5 week, which was a bit short for going further).