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Thread: On Payment of Reparations to Slave Descendants

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    On the Payment of Reparations to Descendants of Slaves

    by The Rational Traveler

    December 24, 2002

    The latest wave of insanity has hit the nation's legal system and government, the media, and sadly, all too many of our liberal citizenry. I am referring, of course, to the ongoing and increasing hype over 'reparations' for descendants of slaves.

    If you, in a misguided moment of experiencing even the slightest twang of conscience over this, have had even a single, fleeting, millisecond thought that this concept might make sense and should at least be seriously considered, you should stop and reconsider -- you need to think again!

    What the proponents are talking about is taking money from people who never owned any slaves (in fact, mostly people who find the very thought abhorrent), and giving it to people who have never been slaves.

    Throughout history, and more particularly in the context of the 17th through mid-19th centuries, slavery, though not all that admirable an institution in any circumstances, was commonly condoned and practiced among mankind and among nations. So who is to say we present-day Americans should or can be held accountable in any way for such a practice, even if we could compensate those who actually were enslaved, which of course we cannot?

    Even if we should or could make retribution for any unfairness or suffering visited upon the actual victims of long-past slavery, how can it be rationally argued that we (i.e., you, me, and by inheritance our children and grandchildren) should pay reparations to the descendants of those victims? Particularly in light of the fact that, in this case, the American Negroes have clearly gained, not lost, from their ancestors' experience? How can any intelligent, thinking, rational person seriously doubt that the American Negro is better off, and has gained more in terms of economic, physical, and social well-being since the time slavery ended in this country almost a century and a half ago, than any of his race in virtually any other place on earth? And especially, when compared with African Negroes (those whose ancestors were not enslaved and brought to America)? This concept seems especially poignant to me, considering that today's American Negro descendants of slaves were in no way damaged by, but to the contrary immensely benefited and profited from the fact their ancestors were enslaved and brought to this country.

    And by the way, our American ancestors did not enslave these people in the beginning; they purchased slaves. They brought to this country people who had already been enslaved; in most cases by their own people.

    Another example of the idiocy of this entire concept is that there would be no practical way of determining who pays the reparations. Only a relatively small number of our white American ancestors were slaveholders in the first place, not all of them. So reparations could not reasonably come from revenues generated by the general taxpayers. If the government were to be charged with paying the reparations, does that mean that black taxpayers would pay reparations to themselves? Certainly my people were never involved in the American slave business -- they didn't even get to this country until almost the turn of the 20th century! Descendants of slaveowners have for the most part ended up marrying descendants of non-slaveowners. Would we have to work out the exact fractional liability of those born of those unions generations after the fact? And what of descendants of the Union soldiers who were killed in the Civil War -- the men who fought and died to free the slaves? Should they have to pay reparations?

    And lastly, and perhaps most important of all -- we (white Americans) have already paid, and paid dearly, for the historical fact of slave ownership by just some of our ancestors. And we are continuing to pay through the nose for it. Day after day, year after year since the emancipation of slaves in this country we have carried the immense and immensely unfair burden of hugely excessive costs, on a comparative basis and far out of proportion when compared with white society, for the Negroes' education, criminal control, reproductive proclivities, and welfare. Oh, yes, many would argue that those things result from systemic discrimination against and unequal treatment of the Negroes, and that it "hasn't been their fault." But I would respond that, while such discrimination and poor treatment surely have taken place and surely have been real factors in the Negroes' plight, by far the most important reason for our suffering that huge financial cost through the years has been the Negroes' own inability to perform better in our society because of their own deficiencies and inadequacies. And there are still other huge and unfair costs that we have paid and are continuing to pay -- the costs of poorer quality of education for our children in mixed schools; the horrendous costs of the general deterioration of white society's culture, morals, and values which have resulted from the incorporation of the Negroes' ways in our white society (as promoted by the Jew-dominated news and entertainment media); the unthinkable costs of the unnatural degeneration of our genetic stock due to government- and media-encouraged miscegenation; and on and on ad nauseam. Unlike the nonsensical claims of the Negroes, in this case it is the living, breathing victims -- we modern-day whites -- who have suffered great damages, caused by them. All considered, it seems to me that it is the Negroes who should be paying us reparations!

    So, let's start looking at the reality in connection with this nonsense. In fact, let's start calling the concept of reparations what it really is -- "hate thought," "hate speech," and "hate crime" directed against American white society! Attempted (proposed) fraud; thievery; blackmail; larceny. Let's get the message out to our elected representatives, the media, and the shyster lawyers involved that they are wasting their (and our) time and resources on this nonsense. Let's tell them loud and clear -- we will never pay one single cent as a result of this attempted extortion and robbery scheme. After all, what this really amounts to is just one more socialistic effort to redistribute the wealth in this country by 'enslaving' white people, their children, and their grandchildren!


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