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Thread: May to Discuss How to Boost US-UK Migration with Trump, Say Sources

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    PM’s approach following exploratory talks with Australia raises prospect of a ‘kith and kin’ immigration policy after Brexit
    ...But now it is emerging that May’s policy to keep Britain open to the “brightest and best” will be shaped by any early post-Brexit trade deals that the UK is able to negotiate. And it is quickly becoming apparent that those deals are more likely to be done with countries such as America, Australia, Canada or New Zealand, rather than India or China.

    However, the danger is that immigration policy for businesspeople and the most highly skilled becomes based on the old “kith and kin” white Commonwealth of Australia, Canada and New Zealand by default, if not by design.

    I love how they call it a "danger" How dare those Anglos have closer ties with each other than non-Anglos!

    I've been hoping for news like this. Obviously none of this will go as far as requiring proof of ancestry, so you'll of course have skilled non-Anglo Americans, Canadians, Aussies, etc. gaining immigration eligibility, but I think the overall effect will be to strengthen the Anglosphere. I look forward to further developments.
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