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Thread: Norway is the Best Country for Mothers

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    Norway is also the best country for fathers, since the paternal leave and father's quota.

    Quote Originally Posted by ţoreiđar
    Then why is our Nation's population shrinking by the year and our women prioritizing carreer and "self-realization" before family and motherhood? Sure, the women who do decide to bear children receive plentyful of help and assistance. but that matters little when our women have been indoctrinized for decades that the traditional role of the home-keeping mother is just 'sad and unambitious', and that they should give up the very essence of femininity and rather strive to be every bit like men.
    In return to that, Norway is the best country for non-Norwegian mothers, especially from more traditional cultures, where the average women still want to be mothers. This is why Asian women are preferred to Norwegian women, because they are more inclined to have children and families. They are less brainwashed by 'feminism'. And the same goes with women from Eastern Europe.

    But this is also valid for fathers. More and more men prefer to come to Norway to be fathers, as in Norway they get parental leave as mothers do, and they also have the father's quota.

    So... Norway is a heaven for fathers and mothers, but more and more for those from other countries.

    Quote Originally Posted by EQ Fighter
    Norway needs to worry about Norwegians.
    Exactly my point. But not Norway as a country, but those who set the rules and the politics in Norway... but they have other agenda to follow: multiculturalism and melting pot for people of all kind.

    If Norwegian women would be more traditional... I'm sure there still are some Norwegian women who want children and traditional families. But how many? And what about Norwegian men?

    All this LGBT crap being promoted on a large scale is also a problem... and it's going to a rate not imagined before... Homosexual couples having children in artificial ways is not traditional family. That's against Nature. But that's the agenda...

    So, over all, who benefits from all these?
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