I'm no Runemeister, but despite the history behind the Elder and Younger rune sets, the Armanen set is more modern and places them more with 'our time' than with the time of the Ancients. We can't place ourselves in the same mindset and world-view as those Ancients, and no amount of research or 'wannabe' can do that for us. On the other hand, with the Armanen set we have runes for OUR time and OUR world-view and- as they are a modern 'reinterpretation'- they are well-documented as to their inspiration and their intended uses. We use updated rites and ceremonies based on our modern world-view, so there should be no reason we can't use an updated rune row. I say this with an eye toward history- we certainly can't abandon our roots- but at the same time the faith was never static and unchanging. As we know very well, paganism and heathenry all over Europe went though many changes over the years- and we shouldn't be afraid to adapt it to our own times, just as the Ancients did in their time.