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Thread: Statistical Race Theory and Classification of Mankind into Races

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    Statistical Race Theory and Classification of Mankind into Races

    I researched and wrote this treatise:

    It's in norwegian. Anyone is free to translate and post here or elsewhere (with a link to the original). The title is the same as this thread's.

    I used all the complete human mtDNA sequences available in GenBank around 1. june 2019 which were at least 16550 nucleotides long. There were 47696 of them.

    I use state of the art statistical methods to analyze them. Lots of computer programming. I clarified the concept of race as a population normally distributed in the principal component. I arrived at the phylotree for the races of mankind which starts with @0,0 (search the doc). I can't post it here because the indentation gets scrapped.

    It's not complete because the resolution I chose doesn't take me farther.

    My conclusions are: Classical race theory is roughly correct. Races do indeed exist and are different. Individuals can be classified with almost zero chance of going wrong. BUT: Your mtDNA race is actually your haplo mother's race, not necessarily your own if you're of mixed ancestry.

    Some particular results: The main division in mankind is between aborigines and the rest. The aborigines live mainly in South East Asia, Oceania and South America. Among the rest the main division is between mongolians and westerners. The mongolians live in East Asia, Siberia and America. Westerners are roughly divided into Indians and Middle Easterners on the one hand and Europeans on the other.

    Sounds familiar?

    Now, a big surprise and a sensational discovery was that africans don't form a branch of their own!! Actually there is one such branch but it's almost extinct and only survives in South Africa. South Africa and Namibia are racially very different from the rest of Africa. Old inhabitants of Africa were evidently chased down there and survived nowhere else. Except in the jungles of the Congo as pygmies.

    I conclude that Africa is a country of immigrants and a melting pot. THE OUT-OF-AFRICA THEORY IS FALSE!!

    I was able to reconstruct the waves of immigration to Africa: The aborigines arrived first, but are long since extinct in Africa. The only reminder of their ancient presence is a small residue of their genes in the pygmies and bushmen. The next immigrants were the mongols. They too are extinct in Africa, but the pygmies have preserved 23 % mongolian DNA. Then there were several more waves of immigrants, each new wave pushing the old inhabitants to the south.

    I entertain the hypothesis that Africa served as a land of refuge during the ice ages for all west Eurasian races.

    I also solved the mystery of the negrito tribes of the far east. Do they look like africans because of relatedness or because of convergent evolution? I classified them and could answer beyond any doubt: They are related! This too refutes the common view among anthropologists.

    With my present resolution I could only subdivide Europeans into two families. But they are not purely european and contain some africans too (the neoafricans). I must explore them further before I can describe them more closely. But it's already clear that europeans are fairly closely related to the neoafricans. The cause of the big difference between us is the different speed and direction of evolution in Africa and Europe. The neoafricans are possibly descendants of europeans who migrated to Africa and remained there.

    I have made several more sensational discoveries that I didn't mention in this first treatise. I will come back to them later.

    I welcome all questions and attempts to refute my method or findings.

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