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I am very interested in how the WW2-era is being portrayed in Iceland, in the media as well as amongst the average Icelandic person.

Being occupied by the allies/Britain, is the average Icelandic person more pro-axis (or at least not as hystericial anti-nazi as people in Sweden, Norway and Denmark are for example) then the average european, do you think?
What is the opinion about the British occupation? 100% positive?
There was much secrecy about the British and later US army in Iceland during WW2..many ships where lost in Icelandic waters it looks like they often tried to keep it secret.. It was at least so when the Skeena grounded .. its little known to this day .even if its one of the biggest marine rescues in Icelandic history .. and should be a source of pride for the Icelandic people ... Its probably also the only time in history a fisherman becomes a multi national navy commander. .. There is not much about the Skeena grounding on the internet.. this is a speech made by a minister when the survivors and there relatives came for remembrance.. no details but it sums up what happened .. fist part is in Icelandic if you scroll down a little you see the English text