Here is a good read by Wotans Krieger, and you can read his blogspot here if you wish to. It points out the necessity of keeping Germanic bloodlines from interference. The slightest bit of mixing creates an ethereal discharge as one Runic occultist put it. The "gods" of nature have infused the Germanic with a race-consciousness that is superior to that of others.

Its our duty to preserve it from being interfered by other people with no race-consciousness at all possible cost. If the Germanic wishes to build a strong relationship with our land and nature, which will preserve his sublime vision and presence within it then he must preserve his bloodlines from foreign obstruction.

Racial purity is a necessity to not just keep the physical and anthropological components of a person healthy, but their psychological and spiritual psyche in order. The race-mixed person is a person with no identity, and a person with a disordered consciousness. This man risk the loss of his soul, his sublime connection and perception with the land/nature, and the zapping of his ethereal connection and heavenly connections with myth and ancestor.

One frequently hears non-folkish heathens making silly statements to the effect that our ancestors welcomed foreigners and did not discriminate against other races and indeed had no concept of race.
Let me address the first two opinions first. Our pre-christian Aryo-Germanic ancestors had a loyalty to their family, their clan, their tribe and their ethnic group[and by extension race].

In those times different Germanic peoples were able to communicate with each other with little difficulty. Any one who has studied Old English and Icelandic which is closely related to Old Norse will agree with me on that point. They recognised a kinship of blood, language and common religion.

Our ancestors fiercely defended the territories that they occupied from foreign invaders-unlike their feminised descendants today who bend over backwards to admit the most racially diverse peoples to invade their lands, squander their resources and impregnate their women. How different modern effeminate and metrosexual man is compared to his heroic forefathers. Even their foremothers had more balls than they.

Ancient man, not just Germanic man recognised racial differences and this subject is explored in great detail in Race in Ancient Egypt & The Old Testament by A.H. Sayce and R. Peterson. A study of ancient Egyptian art settles that question once and for all. I would like to draw your attention to a very interesting segment from The Volsunga Saga, translated by William Morris, the first English translation from 1907:

`Then spake Volsung the king, "All people and nations shall tell of the word I spake, yet being unborn, wherein I vowed a vow that I would flee in fear from neither fire nor the sword; even so have I done hitherto, and shall I depart therefrom now I am old? Yea withal never shall the maidens mock these my sons at the games, and cry out at them that they fear death; once alone must all men need die, and from that season shall none escape; so my rede it is that we flee nowhither, but do the work of our hands in as manly wise as we may; a hundred fights have I fought and whiles I had more, and whiles I had less, and yet ever had I the victory, nor shall it ever be heard tell of me that I fled away or prayed for peace."`

These brave words were spoken by Volsung, great grandson of Woden to his daughter Signy, the mother of Sinfjotli by her brother Sigmund. Volsung and his sons lived and died by these words of heroism at the hands of their enemy Siggeir, king of Gothland and the husband of Signy.

By contrast today`s Germanic man is certainly not an heroic type. This may in part be due to the loss of the best blood of our race in two needless world wars for the cause of zionism. Another important factor is that Aryo-Germanic man has been systematically made to feel guilt for his race, a guilt first initiated by Judeo-Christianity and then further intensified by the holohaux by the Jews.

Even today Germanic Englishmen will willingly enter the service of the zionist regime that runs this country but shirks from defending his land from the aliens who are breaking in here and are already here, raping and looting at will whyilst Aryo-Germanic man looks on emasculated, afraid to call a spade a spade and afraid of his own shadow. Isreal is more important to him than the survival of his own folk, land and race.

One by one Sigmund`s nine brothers were killed by a she-wolf, reckoned by some to be the troll-wife of King Siggeir. Sigmund survives and for years whilst living underground and living by his wits his sister Signy presents her two sons to him to act as a help-mate but they prove to have inherited their father Siggeir`s bad, ignoble and cowardly blood.

Recognising that personal qualities and human characteristics are transmitted by the blood or what we would now call DNA Signy changed outward form and mates with her brother producing a fine and heroic child and his name was Sinfjotli and he proves to be 100% Volsung, which of course he was, being more Volsung than either of his fine parents.

This demonstrates that our ancient Germanic Woden honouring ancestors acknowledged the power of genetic transmission and the importance of blood purity. This is a lesson for modern day Aryo-Germanic man. I hope that it is a lesson that it is not too late for him to yet learn!