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Thread: What Was the Best WW2 Army for You?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SS Charlemagne View Post
    It's not only in preferance but in efficacity and stronger.
    1/ USA
    2/ British
    3/ French
    4/ german
    5/ Italy
    6/ japan
    7/ Finnish
    8/ Hungarian
    9/ Romanian
    10/ Russia
    11/ china
    That's a strange list, especially in regard to ground forces. The U.S. had the biggest potential and capacity for mass mobilisation. They had more of everything and everyone and faster. But on a level playing field with everything being equal (which doesn't happen in war), a German infantry division meeting an American one would've been superior to its American (and Soviet/British/French) counterpart, perhaps with the exception of the closing phase of the war.

    If WW2 had merely been about winning battles and having the best soldiers, then Germany would've won.

    The Germans were better than everyone else on a tactical level, on an operational level the Americans were just as good and bold and daring as the Germans, but when it comes to grand strategy the U.S. Army was certainly far better managed and deployed.

    You could make an argument in favor of the Americans and the Soviets having better armies, but then it would primarly be because of their ability to regenerate and reconsitute themselves unlike the Heer, which has more to do with external factors than with the armies themselves, and because of the strategic vision of the American and Soviet leaderships. The emphasis would not be on battlefield command and training/motivation. The army Germany went to the USSR with was the only army Germany had. In the beginning of 1942, after the failure of Operation Barbarossa, Germany had zero trained replacements in reserve (conscription was only reintroduced in 1935 in Germany), every German who had ever worn a uniform minus the WW1 veterans, had been pressed into service. The Soviets still had six million trained reserves and they weren't even called up yet. The Red Army had been destroyed four times by October 1941, and each time they came back.

    France had capable soldiers in its mechanized and fortress units, this is where their best recruits ended up, but its regular infantry was no match for the Germans - and the French officers and their command & control capabilities were not up to the task at hand in 1940. The Hungarians were pretty weak and had poor morale. Except for their Fast Corps, which did okay in Russia, the Hungarian contribution to the war effort was minimal. The Romanians were respected for their can-do attitude, but suffered from all the same issues as Germany's other Axis allies minus Japan. The Slovak army and its corrupt officers were held in contempt by the Germans and for good reasons.

    If I have to make a list, it would look like this:

    1) Germany
    2) USA/USSR
    3) British Empire/Japan
    4) France
    5) Italy/Finland
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