The Keltic race of Hooton coincide in some questionable way with the North Atlantid race of Lundman.

Lundman's description embraces a darker offshoot of his Scando-Nordid race("die dem Haupttypus gleicht, aber dunkles Haar hat(vor allem in den ozean. teilen von Grossbritannien", in: Umriss der rassenkunde des Menschen in Geschichtlicher Zeit(1952) and "nur durch dunkles-und verhaetnismaessig oft auch rotes- Har von der vorigen unterschiedet", in: Stammeskunde der Voelker(1961)), living in less prosperious moorlands and differentiating of the Nordids by the aspect of their higher r-gene frequency.

In Hooton's systematics, the Keltic race appear to have developed from a basic, brunet dolichocephal, whish underwent a reduction of pigmentation of eye and skin color by some genetic mutations. He dismisses as untenable the theory of intermixture between longheaded brunettes and Nordics, because" where the Keltic subrace is at present concentrated, clearly indicates that there never could have been any such high prportion of blond Nordics in this area in which pure blue eyes or grey are associated with dark hair."