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Thread: Nothingness After Death

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Horned God View Post
    It seems like it could be quite a fatalistic philosophy. We usually don't know which situations we can improve until we try. I think the right application of stoicism would require the knowledge of which things can be changed and which can't and so must be accepted.
    That's a rather common conception of Stoicism:

    "Z happened because it was fated to happen; it was God's will."

    It's rather more like:

    "Z happened because Y happened, and X before Y."

    God doesn't fiat things to happen; God allows them to happen on their own according to predetermined laws (natural laws, cause sand effects, and so on). Stoic determinism is quite a complex affair that's more than simple fatalism.

    The things that can be changed are the things in one's power, which are more or less one's own mental impressions and mental states of mind. One of the yardsticks of Stoicism was the wise man being able to be put to the torture and yet still be perfectly happy and serene. Such a thing might be far-fetched to us, but there's been some research done that suggests that such a thing is possible- literally a case of mind over matter.

    Certainly one should grieve for the death of a loved one but the idea is to not be overcome by emotion (or powerful emotion), which is irrational.

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    I want to try to answer into English language, using the Abacho-Translater

    If one asks himself what should be after the death, one puts at the same time the question after to soul,spirit) .

    I place "soul(spirit) " immediately with "personality ".
    Personality = "soul(spirit) \" is the product of electric-chemical processes of the living brain.
    It is to be observed which changes the personality with brain-organic illnesses(diseases) / injuries(violations) often strongly because the brain works now differently(else) and produces an other-changed personality.
    The personality / "soul(spirit) " is the PRODUCT of the brain activity.
    She is not an imateriel parasite who inhabits the brain and after the brain death imateriell "lives on ".

    With the brain death does not "die" the personality, it(she) is not simply produced any more.
    Nothing is after the brain death, how should also be "something"?

    Everything what themselves people dream around himself "immortally" illusion is to be felt.
    Everybody "religion ", everybody "gods / God " - imagination is an illusion, and everybody "religion " is a lie.
    "Religion " gives none "to answers " separate illusions.

    But "religion " is no destiny(fate).
    "Religion " is remediable!

    We people do not need the illusion from "life after the death ".
    What we need is a humane life before the death, and not the lie from "postdeath lives "

    And to live around humane we need no illusions, nobody needs "god" - trust =
    What we need ist to trust ourself !

    Don´t forget :

    "Religion " is remediable!

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