Ok the point of this post is to debate the pros and cons of the Zitegeist Movement, also termed as the Venus Project.

For those of you that do not know what the Venus Project is, it is the social concept of Industrial Designer and Architect Jacque Fresco. The activist wing of the Party is known as the Zeitgeist Movement.

To put the Entire thing in a Nut Shell, It all boils down to managing human society with Cybernetics.
To me it looks a lot like “Techno Communism”

My initial reaction to the movement is that some of their criticisms of government are in fact valid.

My Personal Problem with them is the idea of “All People as One” will ultimately destroy individual groups and that would include Germanic populations.

The Pro Idea here though is that with Robotic Manufacturing if used appropriately could be used to both free Germanic societies as well as bring the goods and products to a local level.

The problem with this I see arising is the fact that it ignores individual people as they exist in the real world, and in order for it to work it would require re engineering the whole human race in a very unnatural way.

I will admit we are headed to Technological Unemployment, but I think there are better solutions, and ones that are more Germanic Friendly.

That is My position for now on this Issue.

Site Location http://www.thevenusproject.com/

Intro Video

"Paradise or Oblivion" official trailer