Excerpts from Tomislav Sunic's preface to Pierre Krebs's Fighting for the Essence, via the Counter-Currents Publishing website:

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For some putative White nationalists or traditionalists, reared within the culture of Christendom, this book may serve as an introduction to an alternative worldview. But this book also needs to be read by every person who is searching for ways to extricate himself from the modern multicultural and politically-correct verbiage spewed out by the so-called ‘free’ Western media and its tenure-guarding scribes in academia. Granted, the book may not be an easy read for everybody in view of the fact that it presupposes at least cursory knowledge of the ancient pre-Christian mindset or, short of that, some insight into the significance of Nietzsche’s prose.

Krebs’ book actually urges the reader to decolonise his mindset, purging from it the images and concepts that have been contaminating White European brains over the last two millennia, and which resulted in a distorted perception of objective reality and a perverse form of White identity. In a word, this book can be described as an epistemological primer for those looking not just for the reasons behind the ongoing decadence in Europe and America, but also for those interested in the root causes of that decadence. Before combating the vileness of the present system, a modern man or woman of European extraction must make an effort to critically examine the origins of the founding myths of that system. Why waste time on futile talk about the ‘dying White race’, ‘the troubles of Europe’, ‘the dictatorship of the ideology of comfort’, or the ‘immigration disaster’ if the heart of the problem is wilfully ignored? In doing so, one only cures the symptoms of the disease while failing to address its causes.


Krebs wrote this book before the economic and racial chaos had reached its current levels, a chaos we are witnessing today in all its destructive splendour. The Titans[4] are back in town today, and this may be very good news. Why? The pending economic and racial cataclysm will inevitably provide some opportunities for the revival of our own, European traditions and our own concept of the sacred. The answer Krebs offers to intelligent White readers in America and Europe who are seeking an exit from the modern multicultural straitjacket and the conceptual mendacity of liberalism is simple, although it will require a great deal of courage: the return to our lost pre-Christian European roots. Novus rerum nascitur ordo.[5]
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