I do believe Ocko expressed very close to how I think on it.

I believe that the gods are both individual beings and serve as archetypes, though not in quite so clinical a manner as most seem to use the term.

Simply put, the gods are spirits, the highest of the spirits, not bound by matter and energy. Matter decays, energy dissipates, spirit endures.

As such they are the progenitors of us, of our spirits. They still live separate from us, and will teach us and communicate to us should we be willing to hear.

They serve as archetypes also, but I believe that it's not in a philosophical sense. More like their various spirits are in our spirits as our parents' DNA is in our bodies. You can look as a person and see his mother and father in him, but also that he is a separate being. So as with the gods and us, their children. We bear spiritual likeness to certain gods because we come from their lines, we are their descendents.

So rather than seeing them as archetypes in the sense that they represent certain traits, I see them as the originators of those traits, indeed they are those traits, and much more.

That is also why I believe that race is important: mixing spirit dilutes the whole as much as mixing blood with other races dilutes and pollutes the whole.