Star wars 88: The Reich Strikes Back.

You are Herr Hermann Jäger a native German, as a child you lived in the German countryside, you remember being struck by lightning while climbing in an old Oak, since that day you started having visions of a turbulent apocalyptical future and glimpses of the past. It has however always been clear to you that the vision originated from outside of your own consciousness. Being a man approaching the summer of your life you have trodden a demeaning and frustrating path due to conditions completely removed from your own control, you and people like you are despised by the current Orwellian world constructed to subjugate all people of the world and destroy your own people forever as your existence is deemed a threat to the “harmony” the Order (as they refer to themselves) seek to create.

Game opens with a chaotic sequence, it is a vision, you receive instructions to leave the city and return to your child hood home, the vision left the impression that to delay a moment would lead to the destruction of all humanity and thus you dare not linger. The year is 2045, Gathering what the vision required, you immediately comply and finally reach the house of your childhood 2 days later, avoiding agents of the Order, the plot of land on which a magnificent old Low Saxon house once dwelled is all that remain of your happy childhood, the tree in the field adjacent to the plot where you were “enlightened” has also been cut down, only a weathered stump remains, your vision implored you to dig at the foot of the tree, diligently you set to work at the local specified by the vision. You strike what appears to be metal, as you continue you uncover a large curved surface emblazoned with a Swastika, when your task is complete you had uncovered what can only be described as a flying saucer, about 3 meters in diameter you enter the vehicle and of its own accord if takes off into the sky.

In a matter of minutes the craft lands and the door opens, you emerge into a large brightly lit space, it appears to be a hanger of some sort, as you emerge and your eyes adjust to the light you notice in the distance what appears to be submarines but nothing like you have ever seen. You are met by a man clothed entirely in black, he welcomes you cordially in your native German to Neuschwabenland and requests you to follow him. You are taken down a long sloping corridor and turn into a room. You are met by a slender lady with long blond hair, you are then told that she belongs to an old German order which seeks the restoration of a dying earth and humanity. You learn that the Nazi’s established a temporary base in Antarctica, from there they staged a tactical retreat to a world outside our own solar system known as Aldebaran, there they received technological assistance from beings not dissimilar to ourselves who found in Germanics their first contact with a life form capable of steering its own evolution, like they themselves where capable of. Thus a respite to plan and make ready for the coming struggle for the continued existence of your people was afforded the Nazi’s by the beings on Aldebaran. The Nazis had now returned four generations richer and had establishing a permanent base in Neuschwabenland from where they will lunch their assault on the Eye and Pyramid the sign of the Order. Because you possess the ability to see the past you are trained and join covert task force, your team then travels back to 1933 Germany armed with knowledge and advanced technologies to aid the war effort. The Führer himself then task your team to travel to certain points in time and alter events that ensures that National Socialism wins the war and Germanics survive the ages eternal.

Godwinsons list would be a good place to start the missions.

Games I would use elements from:

Deus ex
Half life 2
Call of Duty
Ghost Recon
Metal Gear Solid

Of course a killer Call of duty style multiplayer will be included…