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Thread: Monarch Butterflies and Other Insects on Lemon Trees! [Videos]

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    Monarch Butterflies and Other Insects on Lemon Trees! [Videos]

    These are some photos and videos taken by yours truly of some of the scenery in Florida. They're just some common occurrences in my life that some people in far away lands might find interesting. I realized after the fact that some of the smaller creatures are out of focus because I held them too close to the cheap camera.

    We grow citrus trees because that it what grows well in Florida. The creatures especially like the lemon tree for its sweet scent. Sometimes there will even be a black racer snake hanging in it.

    The monarchs were so docile (and everything else) I could walk right up to them without startling them.

    Monarch 1

    Monarch 2

    These are called Spotted Wasp Moths. They have wings like wasps and bodies like moths, but they are actually butterflies and harmless. The honeybees and them get along without incident.

    Wasp Moth 1

    Wasp Moth 2

    These are common bugs, but I don't actually know what they are called. They look a bit like wasps, but I've always suspected that that is just a gimmick to not be eaten. I've never grabbed one to find out.

    Bee-like Insect

    This stink bug tried to come inside my apartment one day, but I put it outside. If you make them angry, they will release a foul chemical smell.

    Stink Bug

    I found this gecko inside my apartment while I was cramming for finals, which gave me a nice little break while I got him off the wall. They can run really fast, but he seemed to calm down as I held him and he even crawled on me without seeming afraid. I put the little guy outside where I thought he would have the best chance of survival and wished him luck.

    It was the same story with this blue-tailed skink. I was really surprised to find him all the way up the stairway into my apartment, which is on the second floor. I have no idea how he got all the way up there by the window. I took some photos and put it out the door.

    Here are some photos of the gecko's and skink's much larger cousin. I didn't think to take a video instead of still photos. I knew I wouldn't be able to get very close to the alligator before it made a move for the water, so I took a bunch as I was walking up. I'd say it was about six feet long. (<2 m)

    Not particularly Florida-y, just a pretty picture of a poinsettia and and a miniature palm in the morning light.

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    Great vids and photos. I love nature myself, I remember the geckos when I would visit Florida as a kid. I would watch them in the morning on my grandparents' porch in Largo. Thanks.
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