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Thread: Scottish Independence: The American Perspective

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    Scottish Independence: The American Perspective

    'Mixed feelings'

    No polling has been done on the subject so far, but the New York-based American Scottish Foundation canvassed opinion from some of its members for the BBC.

    A spokesman said: "It appears that Scottish-Americans here in the US have mixed feelings regarding the issue.

    "While most people are intrigued by the 'notion' of independence, they express a great need to know or understand more exactly what independence will ultimately mean for Scotland in real terms - economically, politically, internationally, and so forth.

    "People seem keen to watch the events closely as they unfold, without actually supporting either position at this point in time."
    Scots in the US

    *25m Americans claim Scottish ancestry, according to some estimates

    *Includes Scots Irish Americans - the descendants of an estimated 250,000 Presbyterian and other Protestant dissenters from Ulster

    *Americans with Scottish heritage include Ronald Reagan, Neil Armstrong and Bill Gates

    *The earliest Scottish settlers in the 17th Century were traders and planters in Virginia

    *In the 18th Century, thousands of Scots and Scots-Irish established their own communities in southern US
    19 of the 56 delegates who signed the Declaration of Independence came from Scotland or Ulster

    *American-Scots celebrate their heritage on Tartan Day and at Highland Games and Scottish walks
    more at:

    Here's a question to all of the Americans here with Scottish ancestors; what is your opinion? Do you support it? Why or why not?

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    The thing is, most Americans of Scottish descent likely have considerably more English ancestry, so the segment of our population with legitimate vested interest in matters Scottish and not in matters British is small. That doesn't seem to stop some descendants of old-stock Americans from identifying solely with their lesser Scottish heritage, though, probably because being English (read: non-ethnic) is just no fun.

    So as someone with some Scottish ancestry but even more English ancestry, I don't feel particularly qualified to represent "Scottish-America" with my opinion on Scottish independence; but I will say that, with regards to both my Scottish and English ancestors, I would prefer an independent Scotland, not because I feel that Scotland is in need of freedom from the "oppressive English", but because I see the existence of the United Kingdom as a detriment to the plight of ethnic nationalism in both nations. I also would not want Scottish independence to sever a cooperative relationship between the two, as they'd still remain each other's closest relatives.

    Well, there's the opinion of a ~2% Scottish, ~18% English American, for whatever that's worth, which, I'll admit, probably isn't much.

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