Greetings folks, I am unsure as to whether or not this topic has been discussed in a thread all its own as I have encountered posts in other threads where members perpetuate aspects of their ideal society however whether it be due to poor search queries and the likes I have yet to encounter a thread completely devoted to this subject so I would like to initiate one, if a thread of this nature already exists I am confident that the moderation will do as necessary to correct the situation.

An ideal society for myself relevant to my locality would be perpetuating the idea of a confederacy albeit altered in respect to past attempts.

Given the limits of my knowledge I feel comfortable only discussing issues pertaining to governance and military reform, the specifics of economics and the likes I will avoid for now as I don't have an overwhelming interest in that field and as such am not equipped to discuss, others may choose to do otherwise at their own discretion.

For the structure of the confederation I envision a series of sovereign republics (this attempted in winter of 1860 by the Southern States) where the States are literally States in name and in power where they have the independent and ultimate authority over themselves whereas in a federation the States are States only in name not in power as they are mere subdivisions of a greater system of control.

With the weakened nature of the republics established in 1860 the Confederacy was formed in 1861 as to increase the military and international economic capabilities of the States, these States still States in name and power in that even though they made some compromises necessary to protect each other from foreigners they still had majority control over themselves something which many Confederates thought was threatened by the Presidency of Jefferson Davis, but that is another issue to be discussed elsewhere in more detail. I wish for the formation of such a Confederacy to be repeated.

I believe governance of these States should be had via a council system similar to the Witanagemot where it would be a "meeting of the wise". Each State would have an elected council consisting of the most praiseworthy members of its society with a principal governor at the head who would be the most decorated and capable of those elected to the council. Within the State's the councils together would deliberate and decide on the behalf of more local issues. Within the greater Confederacy the governors or heads of council of each State would convene at a capital location armed with the suggestions of their own councils and work together pertaining to international issues relevant to all States within the Confederacy this moderated by an "overseer" who would be elected based on a merit system.

For the military I would wish dearly that we be able to do away with total warfare methods and reliance on demonic weapons of mass destruction.

Rather than kill millions in wars I believe it better to engage in conflicts modeled after duels where the chosen would face off under mutual terms of gentlemanly conduct and duel it out, sacrificing few for the many as opposed to many for the few. I would also pray that all nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons be dismantled and never again be resurrected the wastes from their production and storage a danger in its own right let alone the dangers apparent in their intended use.