Greetings folks. I resolved to start looking at the world and make an attempt to see what runes may show themselves so that I may deduce what the world wishes to tell me. I would like to see if anyone else here does this and what they found.

I add this: Even if the "sightings" are mere coincidence this does not mean one cannot derive something useful from the exercise, use it as one would use a mnemonic device perhaps?

For 1-2-2012 I encountered the following:

First: Feoh, in fallen branches.
Second: Eolh-secg, in fallen branches.
Third: Eoh, in water on the shower wall.

Using the Anglo-Saxon rune poem (it relevant to myself as a man of Anglo roots) I find the corresponding lines to the runes I saw:

Wealth is a comfort to all men;
yet must every man bestow it freely,
if he wish to gain honour in the sight of the Lord.

[Elk's] sedge has its home
most often in the fen,
it waxes in the water
and grimly wounds
and reddens [“burns”] with blood
any man
who, in any way,
tries to grasp it.

[Yew] is on the outside
a rough tree
and hard, firm in the earth,
keeper of the fire,
supported by roots,
[it is a] joy on the estate.

From this I could hypothetically deduce the following:

Be cautious with wealth, though it is a comfort it can likewise harm and one can do discredit with miserly behavior.

The seemingly harmless may harm oneself still, do not misjudge lest one get stung.

Remain tough true to one's roots, protect the familial flame thus preserving the ultimate joy of the estate.


I have monetary issues of my own, I encounter the needy every day, however noticing a scam among some due to their boastfulness I have since ceased to offer aid completely, perhaps re-evaluate?

Daily I encounter seemingly friendly faces, be it family or alleged friend. As a stinging nettle they may appear harmless, however get too close too fast one gets stung. Be wary as Lord Chester suggests in that one can make themselves pleasant and genial yet forever wary of others.

As an Anglo-Tennessean I have a deontological obligation to my kin and others of my root, I notice in my own researches the decline of my own people in our Tennessee home, I am displaced have been for a while I must not lose sight of my aims though I be far from home for now.