According to the State of Israel, in 2004 there were more than one million Jewish Holocaust survivors (

I would recommend downloading the report, because we might have to re-upload it once the Jews understand the damning effects of the report to their story.

If we believe the report, then, depending on the yearly mortality rate taken, there must have been between four (Hungary: 12 per 1000) and ten million (Russia: 15 per 1000) Jewish SURVIVORS from the camps in 1945.

Those Germans were really inefficient people: trying to exterminate the Jews and then leaving so many millions behind in the camps. A really sloppy job :-)

I find this argument to be the easiest entry point for a serious discussion about the 'holocaust'. Of course we have all the forensic evidence and silly witnesses, but those require much more explanation and can come later.

Of course, someone can say that a lot of Jews may have registered as survivors just to get money (does not sound typically Jewish, of course....), but then they already have to admit that the 'holocaust' is used as an extortion racket by the Jews.

Either way, a bit of the Jewish fraud will come to light.

And then of course, we still have the forensic evidence and silly witnesses to contradict the hoax.