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Thread: The Centripetal Force of Folkish Inspiration

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    Post The Centripetal Force of Folkish Inspiration [Corona Borealis]

    The Centripetal Force of Folkish Inspiration
    Corona Borealis

    The deepest element of Folkish ideology—the esoteric doctrine—is that a Folk is engaged in continuous subconscious interchange. A further teaching of this doctrine is that this process in the Collective Unconscious, or Culture Soul, of our People is not merely a mental process. We have a way in speech of dividing the mind and the emotions, but we must learn that this division is only an aspect of our perception. As a matter of fact, mental images "backed by" the emotions are radiated with much more intensity than are abstract images arising in a placid mind. Our self-conscious minds are normally so fixed on the analysis of life that they are unable to recognize collective radiations even though they are affecting us moment by moment. And if we get too caught up in rationalizations of archetypes and gods, we forget that our emotions arise from the same collective element as our thoughts. Among the powers of your consciousness, you must include the driving force of your emotional nature, because your emotions cannot be separated from what you think of as your mind. They are akin to the two sides of a single coin. In the esoteric tradition inherited by Corona Borealis these two aspects are considered to be eternally conjoined—what physics would call a complimentarity , i.e., two aspects of a single principle.

    Awareness of collective interchange becomes very important to the advancing Occult aspirant. For this reason it is vital for the high-aptitude seeker to desire the company of fellow aspirants and to avoid, when possible, the company of these who have surges of hate, as well as materialistic power drives. Hence it should be apparent that any true Folkish activist will seek and join the best Folkish collective, for those who claim to be Folkish yet refuse to do so not practice what they preach, and must be seen as more dedicated to themselves than to their People and the Cause.

    We have to live in the world as individuals, and we have to deal with this chaotic world on a personal as well as a collective level—that is not denied; but we should be drawn—if we are truly Folkish in nature, not just word—more and more toward a brotherhood or sisterhood, a true spiritual family, and participate in the group work of those with whom our consciousness is in rapport. We must—as have all great men and women in history—place ourselves in the company of those who will nourish our aspirants because reciprocity will hasten the development of our personal and collective powers.

    This type of mutual rapport is the technique utilized by followers of the true Western Tradition as inherited by Corona Borealis and those who oppose it, those who say they "share our beliefs, but don't want to work with a fraternity or sorority" are entitled to that so-called "opinion", but we are also entitled to perceive that "opinion" as contrary to the entirety of Western history. Even when they necessarily lack personal contact, members of Corona Borealis attune themselves to inspiration and selfless dedication, receiving subconscious aid through the techniques being given in the courses. There are many different varieties of awareness, of realization, of perception, which open up for us like the petals of a rose. But any one unwilling to give up his egotistical stance and dedicate himself to a collective endeavor exposes himself as unworthy of these techniques, and thus such persons were always kept without the sanctuary of the Mystery Schools—and there they must remain today. There are tens of thousands of books for sale on alleged Occult techniques and "secret sciences". Rest assured that not one of these contains a genuine and complete teaching, because the Western Tradition never has been, and never will be, offered to such persons out for personal gain rather than Service to their people. The Crowleys and Regardies of Occultism have always been ejected from the true schools, and as you proceed up the grades of a true program, you will, be amazed if you return to these men's so-called "secret knowledge" and then realize how very superficial and generalized it truly is.

    In a sense, the lower evolutionary levels of the masses are always exerting their influence in and through us, ever pulling us down from our aspirations until we learn to focus our attention, until we learn to focus our attention, until we widen our worldview sufficiently to allow their ways to be perceived in the order of things. We cannot escape from the collective flow of life we receive from the more mundane of our people, nor should we want to, but we can choose with discernment what is to have the strongest influence on us.

    Our resistance to these mundane worldviews gives us the ability to assist in the evolution of the rest of the Pagan Revival as we develop our collective centers strongly and positively with acumen, then those energies which come from the lower levels will be channeled through the advanced collective consciousness of the Order, producing transmutations of the lower influences in more positive directions. This is how psychical evolution of a Folk takes place; this is how we help those who are unable to ascend our Path. And in like manner, those who exist within lower, more myopic worldviews, are helping us at this very moment, helping us to gain perception and to heighten our consciousness and our awareness.

    Each of you came into the Great Work, whether you realize it or not, because of collective impulses, even though you may think it is because you had read a good brochure or an article about our ethos in a magazine. That was just the outer form of an earlier inner contact. The underlying impulse is always made within. Before an occurrence manifests physically, it has become a finished product in the Inner Realm. The Culture Soul entered the stage of its "second religiousness" ( in re, Spengler), and this impulse was radiated throughout the collective unconscious. All those developed and receptive enough to higher ideals, began their quest with no self-conscious decision on their part. The contact, the relationships, the interpermeations, were already there before any outward recognition of your known quest was manifest. Because the impulse for the great work originates on the collective level, and because only a special minority registers this impulse, the Mystery Schools organized themselves as cognate manifestations of this impulse—that is, as intensely dedicated and unquestionably loyal brotherhoods.

    Folkish impulse is a magical power, when people are closely correlated, they often become conscious of this force, of the power of this principle. You may contact any of the members of Corona Borealis and they will relate to you the seeming "telepathic" rapport that has already begun developing between some of the Order's longer-standing and most active members. You can search into your own life-experience and discover the principle at work there, too, even though you did not realize its operation at the time.

    To the degree that we become aware of the collective substance of Western Man and discover its inner workings, to that degree will we become more receptive to collective help from deeper levels. You must be willing to accept that responsibility if you wish to achieve the glory and the magic of consciously attaining to that which you have always been in essence.

    Incipit Pan-Europa!


    Source: GALACTICA

    For more information on Corona Borealis, click here.

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    Post Re: The Centripetal Force of Folkish Inspiration

    Interesting; I have long thought that occultism is somehow related to the nationalist enterprise, but there are a number of sticking points.

    The occultist belongs to a tiny and closed 'special community' that is bound less by considerations of Blood than of considerations of interest.
    While an occult circle with a Blood qualification is feasible, this Blood qualification would not allow ANYONE, even if they were of the Blood, to join.
    They would have to share the interest and be a special individual into the bargain.
    Essentially such groupings are elitist.

    Now, when such a grouping can inject its teachings into the mass of people [as the Thule Group did via National Socialism], then something Earth-shattering is about to happen.

    Indeed, I am tending towards an 'occult' view of History, seeing it as some sort of Magick war fought behind the scenes by competing adepts.

    Who are the Aryan masters?
    And are they, like all genuine prophets, denied by their own Folk?

    Why are there beings at all, & why not rather nothing?

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