DF wants to abolish child benefits for the welthiest

the government should abolish child benefits to the richest. that is the opinion of the chairman of Dansk Folkeparti, Pía Kjersgaard.

therefore she will in the new year make in parliament an alteration attempt to next years finance law so that the danes who earn so much that the child subsidies dont make a difference no longer will recieve a check every third month.

there are 300 million kr. to be saved for the state treasury if child benefits are ruled out for the people in the top ten percent income level.

Can be used in other places. "the money can be used for someone who really has need for it says Kjersgaard."

When there are families that say: We don't need the money, then I think there are many other places that they can be of use to the danish society. And then I can simply not understand that the politicians are not just ready to say: lets see how we can do this orderly.

Pía Kjærsgaard hopes for the first round to get socialistic folkeparty along with the idea but their leader Villí Søvndal, who is also the exteriour minister, says today to the Ekstra Paper that he would like to draft it in with the government