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Thread: GOP: "Ignore Paul Win"

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    GOP: "Ignore Paul Win"

    I think my head is going to explode. The upshot of the article appears to me that the Republican establishment feels that Ron Paul doesn't stand a chance of winning the nomination so if he wins the Iowa caucus then:

    1) It will make future Iowa caucuses irrelevant because that's not what the people want
    2) They will just ignore it and report on who came in second and third
    3) He (Ron Paul) will have ruined the process because somehow he made a bunch of non Republicans vote for him.

    I find what the party and process has become sickening.

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    I saw this article too and became pretty livid. Supposedly, Paul supporters have "hijacked" the caucuses and have undermined the GOP party. *cough* Bullshit! *cough*

    The truth is that the media and the establishment don't want to see Dr. Paul win because he's a credible candidate and a REAL politician. He'll get shit done and eliminate redundancies in the gov't; reducing the number of federal employees and dispersion of tax dollars .

    Ron Paul is unique because he's able to draw voters from just about every political party - ensuring defeat against Obama. The GOPs attempt to ignore him will only hurt the party in the long run.
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