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Thread: What Should I Do when Confronted with Miscegenation?

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    What Should I Do when Confronted with Miscegenation?

    Today I went to the grocery store with my wife and kids. At this point I am used to seeing the results of the multicultural agenda by seeing usually at least one mixed-race child, usually with a white woman with no man present. Sometimes I see mixed-race kids with two white parents, and of course everyone here knows what runs through my mind. Chump. Sometimes I see a mixed race couple, which more and more seems to be an hispanic man with a white woman.

    Anyway, it drives me insane, and I parade my wife and blonde haired children like a trophy. Today however, I saw one woman, obviously the grandmother due to age, with two mixed black/white children, then I saw another woman with three mixed children b/w, then a third, with one b/w mixed kid, then a mixed race couple black man/white woman, then another mixed race couple hispanic man and white woman who was with her white parents. Then another older woman with 2 mixed race kids b/w, then another mixed race couple black man/white bombarded me all the way through the store. Then finally, there was yet another hispanic male kissing his white girlfriend with her parents present. I finally had to say something. I was at my breaking point. I asked if he was from Mexico, he sai yes, I asked if both his parents were Mexican, he said yes, I said ''do you hate your culture?'' He said no and gave me a dirty look, I said ''do you hate your race?'' He said no, what are you talking about? I said then why are you trying to kill it. He said excuse me. I said ''you can't find a good hispanic woman to continue your culture, you need a white girl for a trophy? You must hate yourself for being Hispanic. Go find an hispanic girl. I then turned to the girls parents, who were speechless, although the father looked a little ashamed, and said ''you should be ashamed. You condone this? It's sad.''

    I understand maybe I went a little too far. I mean I didn't break any laws. I didn't say anything racist, so I couldn't be prosecuted for anything racially. One reason I asked him first. I did not say any race was better than another or anything, but I had a bad day and was pushed to the limit with this stuff being shoved down my throat.

    Sorry for the long, drawn-out story, but I vented a little. Now my question is this. How should one react to these instances. There is definitley social and political and legal ramifications for certain things, but I am not looking to become a martyr, or a casualty for my beliefs, but I was wondering if others feel this need to atleast express their feelings. Sometimes I think if people realized what they are doing or if other people feel this way, perhaps they would think more about their actions. Of course it could work the other way if mishandled. Telling a girl she's nasty for dating a black guy may make her resolve that much stronger to date black me. Anyways, any ideas?
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    I know how you feel...

    But i haven't been so brave to say what i'm thinking to people who miscenegate. Maybe i just haven't been driven over the edge yet, like you have.

    You didn't over-react in my opinion. They are traitors to their own kind. Coming off a bit strong is nothing compared to what they have done. When sanity returns, they should be banned from ever setting foot on Germanic soil again.
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