Hi there people of Skadi!

So - I am writing this huge 15-20 page long project about the Viking Ages in England. I was given the chapter "The Two Rivers" from the book Sarum, by Edward Rutherfurd. I know there's lots of people here with great knowledge of the subject and just wise people in general, so I thought I'd ask for some help here. Any kind of help will do, and if there's anyone here which can help/guide me through or give me some examples I might think of some sort of reward - or atleast give my personal thanks! I hope some of you have read the chapter or are willing to help me out here.

The assignment description looks like this:

Provide an analysis of the chapter "The Two Rivers" from Edward Rutherfurds novel "Sarum" with special reference to the description of the Vikings and text tools.

Thanks in advance!

- Wolfmother