Dr Fritz Hippler

17. August 1909/Berlin - 22. Mai 2002 Berchtesgaden

Fritz Hippler was born 1909 in Berlin and wittnesses in his early yourth WW1 and the colapse of the Monarchy through the red revolution. This had its impact on his later views on all matters in life and politics.

1927 he wittnessed for the first time a meeting of the NSDAP, and afterwards joined the "NS_Studentenbund" (NS_Students-Union).
He studied State and Civil-Law and graduated with Excelent exams.
He became universety teacher at the Highschool of Politics and later lecturer for the "Reichsjugendführung" (Leadership of German Youth organisation) and for the Reichs-filmchamber.

Since 1938 he was responsible for the German film-News-reels.

1939 Dr. Goebbels apointed him to "Reichsfilmintendant" (Superintendant for German Film-Industry) in the Ministry for Propaganda. Dr. Hippler signed responsible for many great Films like "Victory in the West", "The Polish Campaign" and of course "DER EWIGE JUDE" (The eternal Jew).

In agreement with Dr. Goebbels, Dr. Hippler brought the banned author Erich Kästner to Filmindustry who was able to write scripts under the Pseudonym "Berthold Bürger". This decision probably cost Dr. Hippler his career.

On 10th June 1943 he was dismissed as superintendent of Film. On 18th November of the same year he recruited to the Wehrmacht and was sent as officer of Front-Propaganda as Camera-Man of a Waffen-SS Unit to the Front.

At the end of the War he was arrested by the allies and was held captured over 1 and a half years in the former German Concentration camp Neuengamme/Hamburg.

Since 1953 he was working in the Advertisment Industry and Touristic Branch. He also became director of Documentary Films. He wrote 2 Books "Korrekturen" 1994 and "Einspruch Euer Ehren" 1999. He stayed a German Nationalist till his last breath.

Dr. Hippler died on 22. May 2002 in Berchtesgaden/Baveria.