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Thread: Maximinus Thrax

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    Maximinus Thrax

    Maximinus Thrax(173-238) was Roman Emperor from 235 to 238 when he was killed by his own soldiers. He was a massive man, but his height of 8' 6" was exaggerated. He was probably under 8'. The Romans weighed him at 500 lbs.(approx. 238 kilos). He was a massive man. He was said to have been born to a Gothic father and an Alanic mother. The Alans, a Germanic tribe, were also known for their large size. He was the 1st barbarian to be elected Roman Emperor. This was during a time when the Roman generals elected the Emperor. The Roman senate had no choice but to agree.
    He joined the Roman army at a young age and worked his way up through the ranks to general. He paid tribute to the Goths every year he was Emperor to keep them from attacking Roman cities. But when he died the Goths sacked the city of Histria in 238. He refused to pay tribute to the other Germanic tribes and engaged in several battles with the Alemanni. In which he was reported to have led the battle himself. There are numerous reports of him doing great feats of strength.
    The author of this article questions his parentage based on his belief that there were no Goths in the Danube area at the time of his birth. This is true, they were not there in large numbers, but very probable that small numbers were around that area. It is recorded throughout ancient history that individuals from Germanic tribes would walk into Roman territory and join their army.
    The best example of this is Stilicho. He was a Vandal that went down to Rome and joined the army 60 years before the Vandals started moving south. He was Alaric's(Gothic King) adversary for years.
    So it is very possible that his father was a Goth. This Greek historian Herodian was a very well respected ancient historian and he wrote about Maximinus. His name is probably where we get the word maximum from.
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