Last week at our annual family gathering on Thanksgiving day my uncle brought some of his homemade wine which he made himself and shared with us. The next day he sent his recipe for making wine to some other family members, including my mother, which she then forwarded to me. It turned out to be a pretty decent wine for the money.

So, I decided I'd share with and pass this on to you all here.

Below is the original quoted message which was sent to us from him, who says that you do not need to spend a fortune to get a good bottle of wine.

"How to make wine. Think of it like this, yeast eats sugar and the byproduct is alcohol. The more sugar the more alcohol, to a point.
When the alcohol gets up around 15% it kills the yeast, this would be very bad wine(dump it). The key is not so much sugar, the plan
is to starve the yeast to death at around 7-12% alcohol.
With temps are around 80 degrees it’s about 2 week or so and it’s done. And then you age it.
This is how to know the amount of sugar, a hydrometer.

As the yeast multiplies the old yeast dies and piles up as crap on the bottom. So you “Rack” it (siphon) the good stuff in another jug.

Picture of racking the wine.


The fermenting yeast gases will blow the jug apart and air is bad. So here we have a loose cap to let the gas out and polyethylene (Glad Wrap) with a rubber band to keep air out.
Just before drinking the stuff one more filting makes it look good. Here we are using a coffee filter. "