Yet another video in which whites are humiliated under the watchful, judgemental gaze of glorified blacks.

French psychologist Jacques Lacan speaks of the "Big Other" as anyone before whom one must keep up appearances. The Big Other might be the watchful gaze of a god or a parent, whom we as devout worshippers or as children try to appease and impress .

Here at :10 the Big Other becomes the black guy. The slightly thick-set woman, with her stiff and awkward attempt at rhythmic Africanized Ghetto-grinding, cannot win his approval, try as she might.

Why does SunDrop need to cast a black actor as the driver at :10? Because in the early 21st Century, we have replaced god with blacks as the Big Other. In so many films, in so many commercials, they become the righteous, morally perfect being before whom we must prostrate ourselves for scrutiny and final judgement.

In doing so we are humiliated, debased, deracinated.