but I don't know if here is the right subforum for my question, if it's not, so I'm sorry and perhaps an admin could adjourn this thread.

So, at few time I'm searching for some writings or essays by Kerry Bolton respectively Walter Grimwald (a synomyne), especially the following:
  • Realpolitik: Satanic Political Science Primer (1994)
  • Black Axis: Satanism and Fascism
  • Nazism, Racism and Satanism - An Answer

The first both essays(?) appeared in the journal or magazine Filosofem (Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand: Realist Publications).
And the last writing was published in the magazine The Burning Ground (Dungeons of Darkness, 5 Rue Gabriel Pierné, 57000 Metz).

It would be nice, if anywhere here could help me at the search and perhaps give me some informations for resources for them?

Greetings and Hail!