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Thread: English Football and Racial Replacement

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    Thumbs Down English Football and Racial Replacement

    EXCLUSIVE: Police to probe Terry TV tapes in bid to solve race row with Ferdinand

    By Sami Mokbel

    Police chiefs have requested footage from Sky TV as they step up their investigation into the John Terry race row.
    Sportsmail exclusively revealed on Saturday how the FA asked Sky for videos from 20 cameras during Chelsea's 1-0 defeat at Loftus Road, where Terry is accused of racially abusing QPR defender Anton Ferdinand.
    The Metropolitan Police have joined the FA in asking for footage, which is a significant step in their attempts to unravel the truth about the allegations - made by a member of the public - against Terry after the clash on October 23.
    Matters did not get easier for the England captain on Monday when Ferdinand released a statement about the incident.

    It read: 'Today, I finalised my statement with the FA with regards to the incident that occurred last Sunday at Loftus Road in our Barclays Premier League fixture against Chelsea.
    'I have very strong feelings on the matter, but in the interests of fairness and not wishing to prejudice what I'm sure will be a very thorough enquiry by the FA, this will be my last comment on the matter until the enquiry is concluded. I would like to thank the club, Tony Fernandes, Amit Bhatia, Neil Warnock, the supporters and my fellow professionals for their unwavering support.'
    The statement was a significantly watered-down version of the original draft drawn up by Ferdinand's advisors.
    The early version insisted Ferdinand had not accused Terry of making a racial slur against him during the match - contradicting the Chelsea captain's explanation that his use of the words 'black ****' was in response to the defender's accusation.
    Those sections were withdrawn after consultation with QPR chiefs keen not to prejudice the inquiry.

    Read more:

    The Captain

    Another English Pretender

    Displacing the real Englishman of the captaincy

    Tokyo Sexwale, the black South African politician dragged in to the Sepp Blatter race row, has lamented the Fifa boss' "inadvertent, inappropriate and unfortunate" comments about racism and said John Terry should not be England captain
    Read more:

    The French "Espoirs" team (the next generation French National team)

    The French National Football Side

    The English National Football Side is heading the same way

    These teams would more expediently be called African National Football teams
    Our beauty is our power, our strength. We can’t allow them to change us, to lessen us. I will never grant them that satisfaction, and neither should you!

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    They have blown John Terry's supposed racism way out of proportion and sensationalised it as they usually do in these sort of cases. The police need to concentrate on real crimes rather than wasting their time on this pathetic situation. And Rio Ferdinand needs his Twitter account taken off him. He's always on some kind of weird rant on there. He thinks just because he's a famous footballer that gives him the right to take the moral high ground on everything and act as a spokesman for the people, when in reality he's just a braindead idiot who couldn't find his way out of a paper bag.

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    The replacement of Whites in sports contributes to the overall displacement of native & majority populations in the West. The predominance of minorities in popular cultural venues - including sports, film & TV, music - gives the impression that they are proportionately greater in the total population then they actually are. US Negroes make up 13% of the US population but polling has shown that the typical White American believes the Negro portion of the US population is between 30% - 40%. This misperception influences peoples attitudes on civil rights, immigration & racial politics. How many more White Americans would be unwilling to support Negro politicians or affirmative action policies if they were aware of the actual ration of Negroes to Whites?

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