Source: Identity Dixie

When I was in (majority Black) high school back in 2001, Patrick Buchanan published The Death of the West. It has informed my thinking ever since because I realized that my shithole could apply to the entire world, at which point nothing pleasant would be left functioning. Prior to that, naivete had led me to think of European countries as what they were historically, rather than someplace nice in the process of transformation into someplace shitty. For instance, I thought of England as England rather than a spin-off of our own horror show in a different accent. I’ve never made that mistake again.

Consequently, few features of demographic implosion anywhere have surprised me over the ensuing 18 years because I’ve been expecting the worse each step of the way. While visiting London in 2005, my friends were shocked after we witnessed Black street violence at Piccadilly Circus. They seemed surprised there were even so many of them there in the first place. After all, it was England. “They’re just like our Blacks but with British accents” one of them remarked in dismay. “Yeah, no shit,” was my retort. Geography doesn’t alter a pathology imparted by your DNA.

I haven’t been across the pond in awhile, but I do check the Daily Mail at least once a week because its news coverage is a bit more forthcoming than most other mainstream US or UK publications. Still, none of it’s shocking due to a remarkable consistency. They’re packed with Blacks, and the exact same rewards accrue aplenty. On our side, Chicago is the largest arena for senseless violence of color. It gave rise to guttural “Drill Music” extolling anti-civilizational behavior. Lo and behold, London also churns out this shit. With hot tracks like “Robbery Remix” or “Let’s Lurk,” what Englishman should feel the need to sing “Land of Hope and Glory” anymore?

The violence is reaching such American proportions that London’s Somalis (large enough that one of them is now the mayor of Islington) are sending their teenagers back to Somalia where they’re confident the situation is more tranquil. It must be quite a frustrating conundrum for the British taxpayers who’ve spent millions importing these Somalis in order to make them safer.

Another behavior they replicate is gleefully filming atrocities with no concern about the impending prison sentences for which the footage constitutes airtight evidence. It happens far more often than the MSM would like us to be aware. A couple years ago, some Chicago Blacks gained fleeting notoriety for live-streaming the kidnapping and torture of a mentally handicapped White kid on Facebook. That’s probably the most notable example since the MSM just couldn’t keep it out of the national news. Garden-variety “drillins” mostly escape the gaze of White social media users.

Compared to the horrific Mexican cartel videos that literally inspired ISIS, it’s pretty tame stuff. Honestly, what’s a playful bullet to the dome in contrast to removing the heart of a live victim or detonating a stick of dynamite tied to a child’s neck? Pondering such disparities, I used to conclude that the silly antics of Blacks were principally defined by a lack of imagination. Then, I came across a story last week about how a foursome in England butchered a teen named Cemeren Yilmaz. They dispatched him with a hammer and large knife for the entertainment of whoever was watching on Snapchat. Of course, all four were found guilty at trial.

When expounding on the depredations of incorrigible Africans, one will eventually confront himself with this jealous question: What’s it like to live free of stress? Clearly, they do. I can’t read minds, but it’s safe to speculate that if an individual lacks the time horizon to anticipate negative consequences from acting as his own personal felony videographer, there’s not much else he’s capable of getting worried over. It must surely be wonderful state of mind.