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Thread: Skadi Stance on the Ulster-Scots?

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    I only have a handful of Ulster-Scot/Border Reiver surnames in my family tree, but I take some pride in them partly due to the fact it seems the Northern Irish Protestants take a lot of pride in their diaspora in America, with murals of Andrew and Stonewall Jackson, etc., which I don't think other European communities really do from what I know. And I suppose as an American I'm touched and flattered that they seem to have a positive view of their distant cousins in America, as opposed to the disdain the Irish seem to have for Plastic Paddies and such. I also admire that, as far as I understand at least, that it seems Northern Ireland is one part of western Europe where far right identitarianism is normal and socially acceptable. I've seen pictures of them burning BLM flags on bonfires which seems like a gutsy thing to do and thought was pretty funny.

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