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Thread: Ohio Amish Leader: Beard-Cutting Religious Matter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schneider View Post

    Is self imposed reliance on renewable energy backwards?
    It is not that, it is the restrictions they place upon themselves that make them backward and untenable. Yet don't be fooled, the Amish are just as dependent on modern technology as anyone else (the combustion engine) but unlike me and you they are limited to their alternatives. I am not, I can use technology as a tool, I can choose freely between electric or gasoline, solar, wind or muscle, I am not limited.

    Is a strong commitment to maintaining your culture and beliefs backwards?
    It is if it is comes by way of indoctrination or dogma of if knowledge must be suppressed and a state of ignorance promoted over one of understanding.

    Is separating your community from the influence of todays multicultural society backwards thinking?
    Yes, healthy cultures and communities do not need to rely upon separation and isolation to keep themselves whole, they do not fear differences.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gardisten View Post

    I would think that many of the people who have been drawn to this forum have some sort of longing to live the way of our ancestors and are opposed to the modern notion of "progress".
    I suppose they harbor romantic conceptions about the past being better than the present and I don't know how others perceive these ancestors, as for me I see men and women who fearlessly broke the chains of dogmatic religion and divine rule. Their way was ahead to improvement not backward.

    The way of the modern world after all is what has been slowly destroying Germanic cultures.
    People destroy themselves by resisting the change imposed upon them by nature, it is a mistake to be too rigid and it is a general fact that those species that do not adapt face extinction.

    So whether you agree with the religious beliefs of the Amish, they have managed to preserve their form of Germanic culture relatively successfully. We should appreciate and support them for accomplishing this.
    I do not really see any evidence of high culture among the Amish. Sorry, but their homes are bland, they frown upon ornament and artistic expression through music. The Amish are an example of what happens to a people when they choose existence over living.
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