Hunter’s pine tree branch – last honour to the perished game
This is a symbol joining the hunter with nature.

Three small branches should come from a leafy, or preferably, pine branch.

This must be snapped, not cut, from a tree close to the place where the game was shot and in total should be roughly as big as a man’s palm. As mentioned earlier, the first offshoot branch goes in the game’s mouth as its “last bite”, the second is put on the game’s side and the third is lightly dipped in the game’s blood and placed on the right hand side of the hunter’s hat. It’s worn all day to represent a successful hunt.

This tradition is for most of game except birds.

The hunter keeps the branch and preserves it, or just keeps it in a box. On New Year’s Eve, the hunter opens the box and takes the branches out one by one, to take a moment to evaluate his hunting year.

The last drive traditions:
After the successful day, the hunters gather in a lodge. Usually the walls are decorated with game trophies. As a matter of course, before they sit down the guns need to be locked away securely, and the dogs need to be taken care of.

Don’t forget: tradition says that the left hand should be used when holding a glass at a toast.

it is old tradition (going at least back to the olden Druids) that any plant used in ritual are not cut, meaning do not use metal or let metal get in touch with the plant.

The right side has been considered the side of life, the left side the side of death. what the reversal means I have no clue.