I have long thought about where to publish this article. On the one hand what I talk about is the situation in germany, but on the other hand i would like to know how bad the situation is in other countries and perhaps warn other countries not to make the same mistakes germany made in the last 40 years. The reason i am writing this is an article in one of germans biggest political magazines, and i was really shocked by what i read. Basically the article discribed that in many big german cities the muslim population doesnt recognize our authoritiy in matters of law, especially crime, any longer. Instead they have established their own judicial system that judges through sharia law. But lets begin a bit earlier :
Germany let an uncontrolled amount of foreign people into germany without insisting that they learn german and integrate themselves into our society. The result was that they established their own societies parallel to ours in our country. Most of them seem to have no interest whatsoever to integrate themselves into our society and become a part of it. Then why come here in the first place? Because we are richer ?
Well those people should think about WHY we are so much richer then their countries. Our system has a big part in that ! At least it looks as if the german politicians have slowly reacted and started to give lectures on integration, especially the language. But it seems they are not really willing to say:"hey either you integrate or you go back". To only give them a few lectures in german and our way of life wont help, for that the situation is already way to worse. That might have helped 30-40 years ago, but not now!

To make matters worse the situation has worsened again. It looks like our muslim population doesnt recognize our constitutional democracy, especially our laws against criminality, any longer. Instead of going to the police and settle their problems there, they have established their own jurisdiction where either imams or other respected persons of the parish rule after sharia law, and our judicial system has no real possibility to do something about it. They dont even hear about most of the crimes nowadays, and when they do everybody is stonewalling them, nobody talks. What can the police do if the victim and the perp are working together against them ? NOTHING !
How does our judicial system react to that ? Well quite a few by letting the sharia dictate their judgments. Here a few articles in german concerning the situation :





First of all, how can any judge let the sharia dictate him how to rule ? His job is to rule according to OUR laws, and not according to the sharia ! An important part of a democratic judicial system is equal right for everybody ! How can they not realize that they are undermining that by recognizing the sharia ? That way you get a 2 class law again !!!
When will our politicians finally realize whats happening here ? When will they realize that certain muslims are trying to establish a theocracy after muslim rules and sharia law on german ground ? I dont claim that all muslims are part of a giant conspiracy, that would be stupid, but certain parts of the muslim society are actively trying to establish their own society here on our soil, and a large chunk of ther muslims here arew supporting that. How much longer will we just let them do whatever they want ? It has gone allready way to far, they dont recognize our sovereignty and authority any longer, and that on our own soil, and the worst part : they are so many allready that we cant really do anything about it with the laws we have. If we dont react quick, it might be too late ! We are a democracy after all, and if they have more voters then we do they can outvote us !
Our laws are simply not ready to deal with a situation like that. So we need major changes there :


If they are not ready to recognize our values and our laws they have no place here. But because of our history our politicians have a real problem with doing the right thing here. They fear the world would see us as no better then the nazi´s when they threw out the jews. Well at least the jews where ready to integrate and recognized our authority.With the muslims we have a completely different situation, especially since they try to establish a muslim theocracy on our own ground, and are thereby activelky undermining our constitution. So i think we would get support in the UN : Russia has enough problems with muslims themselves, they would understand and support us, the USA after 9/11 as well , china has a policy of not interfeering with domestic policy of other countries and support pretty much anything that a country wants to do domestically, france has similar probloems, as has england, so i cant see them not supporting us etc.etc.
I cant imagine that any state would have a problem with germany throwing out people who try to establish a theocracy within our society. Those are people who wont recognize our authority and are actively trying to undermine our judicial system and our political system, even our constitution. We have a right to protect ourselves from that !!!!!

I am very curious to hear from other european countries, how bad the situation is there, what your politicians are doing about it etc. etc.

Sorry for all the spelling&grammar mistakes, but i was quite outraged writing this, and typed it fast to get it out of me !

A few more articles in german if found :





At least slowly politicians and society seem to wake up and rcognize that we arent conspiracy nutters and our concerns atre justified!!!!! Thats a start! 20 years ago most people thought we are nuts and our concerns are bullshit, hel even i thought so till i woke up from my multikultidreams and saw the reality! But it seems more and more people are starting to understand that our values, our laws, our virtues yes our whole way of life is in real danger. That one of our biggest political magazines finally recognozes that is a BIG step in the right direction ! 10 years ago that would be unthinkable! So it seems ouzr main concern has finally reached the masses and has arrived inb the middle of our society.
A few laws i would like to see done as fast as possible :

1. Voting allowed only for people who understand and speak our language well enough to make a real decision. If someone doesnt understand what our politicians are saying he cant vote proper. Its also easy to influence them by telling them stories what candidate xy from party yz is doing. If you are trusted in your parish you can easily get thousands of votes that way. That mustnt happen, thats worse then the worst propaganda ! That would give too much voting power in the hands of a few people.

2. Who wants to live here has to show he is not only in it for the economy, but is really making an effort to become part of our german society, with our values, our virtues, our laws, our languages etc.. That effort has to be proven every 2 years or so, in which the immigrant has to reach certain goals (learning the language, learning about germany etc). If he doesnt reach them he gets a strike (3 strikes and you are out) and another chance 6 months later

3. Who is caught working actively against the constotution and tries to establish parallel societies gets kicked out, zero tolerance !

4. Who is caught trying to undermine our judicial system by playing judge after sharia law gets thrown out, zero tolerance ! As for the people who wanted the sharia judge to rule instead of a real judge : it depends how long he is here. More then say 6 years -> kicked out as well. Below 3 years gets a strike, between 3 and 6 : 2 strikes.

5. Any judge who incorporates the sharia into his ruling has to do a mandatory corrective training to show him again what our judicial system is all about and what same lkaws for everybody means in practice ^^

That are just a few basic ideas that have a realistic chance to be taken into serious consideration by the big 3 parties.