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Thread: Inside the CIA's Secret Thai Prison

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    Inside the CIA's Secret Thai Prison

    BANGKOK - The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) appears to have used Bangkok's former Don Muang International Airport as a secret prison to torture a suspected Muslim terrorist, the first time a specific location has ever been described within Thailand, according to statements by the Libyan who was allegedly held there.

    It was impossible to immediately confirm Abdel Hakim Belhaj's allegations of being "hung", "injected" and refrigerated with "ice" at the airport, but if true it is the first description of any site in Thailand pinpointed by a prisoner held by the CIA.
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    Dumb, very dumb they did this if true, to have allowed all of these elements to make this story possible.

    Hmmm... I don't believe in torture, or cooperating with torture. If the CIA was right with this guy, it is still regrettable, but if he were innocent and knew nothing because he was not involved with whatever they thought he was, as seems often the case with these 'renditions', and I were in this fellow's shoes, if I were nit an enemy of the US Americans before, I would certainly declare open season on them after the torture.

    Not that I condone such, but if they are going to keep using torture, they should probably murder the person after they are done with them; some of these people will be like me and would make vengeance their new and only purpose in life if they or a family member were tortured for no good reason.

    Best not to leave someone alive if & perhaps 'whack' their families too, if you are CIA and decide to torture, and don't wish to spend the rest of your life looking over your & your family's shoulders - punishment for violating international law might be the least of your longterm worries.

    [that said, & before I come off sounding too high & mighty in my judgement, the US Armed Forces matched me to having the ideal US military occupation of 'Interrogator / Psychological Warfare' after standardized enlistment mental & psychological testing; and if I had gone forward with enlisting, if I were to have sworn an oath to, I would have been obliged to obey orders to torture, maim, & kill whom I was told and trust foolishly that my chain of command was not feeding me innocent people .... and allowing me to help create more fanatical enemies for my country from foreigners who had no problem with us before...]

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