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Thread: Archaeologists Probe Abbey Craig Secrets

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    Archaeologists Probe Abbey Craig Secrets

    Archaeologists are leading volunteers in a four-day dig to uncover the hidden history beneath one of Scotland's most famous landmarks.

    Experts are hoping to discover more about a tribe that lived in the fort below Abbey Craig in Stirling, on the site of the National Wallace monument.

    The fort was destroyed in 780 AD, more than 500 years before William Wallace watched the English army approach.

    The dig is one of a series of events to mark Scottish archaeology month.

    Archaeologists first discovered the 1,300-year-old fort 10 years ago and concluded it was engulfed by a ferocious fire that fused together - or vitrified - the stone walls during a siege.

    'Warlike past'

    The stronghold is thought to have been called Iudeu.

    Stirling Council archaeologist Murray Cook said the fort was occupied at a time when mainland Scotland was ruled by the ancient tribes of Picts, Celts, Britons, and Angles.

    "Scotland has more known vitrified forts than anywhere else in Europe and here in Stirling we have our own that reflects our warlike past," he said.

    "Despite a wealth of information known about the area there is relatively little known about this fort, however.

    "The flames which lit up the sky would have been visible for miles around."

    The dig will end on Monday.

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    The really interesting part about these vitrified forts is the fact that they are vitrified.... Archeologists say well they just lit a big fire, it is actually a whole heck of a lot more than that to vitrifying a stone wall.

    Take a rock any rock..... place it in your fireplace and run your stove as hot as you can for days, clean out the ash and remove the rock, the rock will not be vitrified because the 1200 or so degrees you can get the coal bed in your stove to is not nearly enough to accomplish that....

    Now envision an entire fort being raised temps of ohhhh around 2,000 degrees for a length of time. It is not nearly as simple as building a fire. For one the amount of oxygen needed for a fire that big would be immense, you almost have to have a forty mile an hour wind to do that.

    I would say that whoever built these forts had a technology that we are as yet unaware of, maybe as simple as an oil mixture that acted much like napalm or something, who knows. The fact that these things exist in the first place is really quite an amazing mystery.

    Here are couple of links that some might find interesting.

    There are structures in South America where the stone appears to be fitted using vitrification as well.

    A simple wiki article that talks about the different vitrified forts that have been found in County Londonberry, County Cavan in Ireland, in Upper Lusatia, Bohemia, Silesia, Saxony and Thuringia, in the provinces on the Rhine especially in the neighborhood of the Nahe, in the Ucker Lake, in the Brandenburg where the walls are formed of burnt and smelted bricks, in Hungary, and in several places in France such as Chateauviex, Peran, La Courbe, Sainte Suzanne, Puy de Gaudy and Thauron.

    A very fascinating subject, and as yet no real plausible explanations for there existence.

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