Someone recently emailed and asked me to rebut the claim that fascism is a right-wing system.
Fascism like Socialism is a very manipulated term.

Sometimes is used to define the repression of the left other times is used to define the repression of the right.

But the true Fascism is the Italian Fascism.

I have given this question considerable thought over the years; even when I was in college, liberals routinely smeared conservatism as a fascist political ideology. Indeed, how many times have we heard the mantra that communism and Nazism represented the two extremes of the political spectrum, left and right, respectively? This never made sense to me, as I knew that conservatism championed political and economic liberty and that communism and fascism were the direct antithesis of these.
National Socialism was a prohibited term in the Soviet Union because they didn't want any confusion or contamination of their own version of Socialism so they always called it a Fascist political ideology.

I also never bought that story that communism and Nazism represented the two extremes of the political spectrum, left and right, respectively.

Conservatism doesn't champion political and economic liberty.

Conservatives want to conservate something like the elite status quo, religion, capitalism, democrazy ...

Conservatives are resistant to change and what we have now isn't worth of conservation.

Both communism and Nazism are evil totalitarian systems characterized by enormous power in the central government. It's true that in theory, Karl Marx predicted the eventual withering away of the state and the "dictatorship of the proletariat," when the people would rule, which was sheer fantasy because it was based on grossly erroneous assumptions about human nature, as history would repeatedly demonstrate.
Evil like Satan?

No political ideology is inherently "evil".

It is the humankind that do "evil" things.

I think we already live in a totalitarian regime with enormous power in the central government.

Doesn't matter how you call it, because the dictatorship and repression of the weak by the installed powers are always present because of the human nature (greed and power).

But no one can deny that communism, in practice as well as theory, is a form of socialism, as evidenced, among other things, by the Soviet Union's proud self-identification as a "socialist republic." Likewise, Nazism and fascism, by definition, are socialist systems, with the state owning or controlling the major means of industry and production.
NS Socialism and Communist Socialism are two different types of Socialism.

National Socialists aren't so inspired by the class strugle of Marxian Socialism like the Communists are.

Even the Communism in Soviet Union evolved for example some communists don't consider the Stalinist period a true form of communism because it was too "Fascist" (national communism).'s_state

Apart from being centralized political systems, Nazism and fascism were nationalistic, patriotic and militaristic. Some have even said they were religious, but I see little authentic evidence of that. The Soviet system was more international in its orientation, being driven less by national fervor and more by world expansion. I'm not disputing that Hitler and Mussolini were expansionist, as indeed they were, but the Soviets were more focused on making communism a global system and diminishing the role of the nation-state in comparison with Nazism and fascism.
While Germany (National Socialism) and Italy (Fascism) wanted to expand their national territories, the communists wanted a world revolution with a unified world under the communist political/economic system.

That is why communists targeted Russia as it was a big and powerful country wich could be a trojan horse to change the political system in Europe (specially the 'monarchistic, reactionary agitation') and spread the communist revolution to the rest of the World.

But there's something even more telling. Communism, as conceived by Marx, was based on the perceived class struggle. Marx envisioned that the "workers of the world" would unite against so-called capitalist oppression. Marxism was thoroughly materialistic and rooted in class warfare. Nazism was probably not so virulently anti-capitalist -- at least in terms of its ideological emphasis. It was more racially and nationally driven.
Karl Marx lived in the age of Nationalism and Racialism.

Karl Marx "workers of the world" united against capitalist oppression also was racially and nationally driven.

The reason why the Soviet version of Communism was always known as "Marxism-Leninism" is of course that Lenin "developed" Marxist doctrine in various ways.

Although Marx and Engels were great advocates for the working class, they were also antisemitic German nationalists who took a very dim view of Russians.

Lenin concentrated on the first part of Marxism and, understandably, largely ignored the latter. So when Lenin said: "it is not the Jews who are the enemies of the working people" but "the capitalists of all countries", it was to a degree Marx himself whom he was critcizing.

National Socialism was anti-capitalist but they weren't against the private property or against mercantilism.,00.html

So where does that leave us? Well, today's liberals see themselves as champions of the "working man" and enemies of corporate interests and the wealthy. Their political lifeblood is class warfare on behalf of the "working man" (read: labor unions). Redistributionism is at the heart of their philosophy.
These Neo-Marxists, the corporate interests and the wealthy (all of them are internationalists) stabbed the white nations working class in the back.

When those on the left today call conservatives "fascists" or liken Bush to Hitler, they are betraying their contempt for what they perceive to be excessive nationalism, patriotism and militarism on the part of conservatives. But there's a darker side to their thinking. The left's worst-kept secret is that many liberals believe -- or would at least like the electorate to believe -- that conservatives are racist. So there you have it. Conservatives are nationalistic, jingoistic and racist. Point, set, match. They're fascists. But it's as divorced from reality as it is sinister.

Conservatives are driven by liberty and a healthy skepticism for centralized government. They aren't enemies of the federal government but believe it ought to be limited in its powers and scope, as contemplated and designed by the Constitution. They are the opposite of racists, aspiring to colorblindness and equality of opportunity and rights for everyone. We will proudly accept, however, the charge that we are nationalistic, patriotic and firm believers in American exceptionalism.
There are many types of conservatism but they all have a patriotic, bourgeois, coward nature.

The only conservatives that are half decent are conservative-nationalists like Salazar or Franco, the rest are pure trash.

When it comes to destroying our countries and the white race, conservatives are just as 'good' as liberals.

Parties like the Republicans and the Tories and politicians like David Cameron or Nicolas Sarkozy have done nothing to arrest the decline of our societies because they ultimately share the same radical, anti-traditional principles of the Left.

For evidence, look no further than Britain’s rapid transformation into a crime-ridden, multicultural surveillance state.

Internationalists can have a liberal (left) or a conservative (right) flavour but they are two faces of the same coin.

They both follow Jewish ideologies (Capitalism, Bolshevism, Christian Zionism ...) and many of their treasenous Judaized followers aren't ethnic Jews.

Liberals can definitely identify with communism, as indeed they have through the years, as in their glorification of the Soviet Union in years past and their romanticizing of communist dictators, such as Cuba's Fidel Castro. But they also have far more in common with fascism than conservatives do, given their penchant for centralized governmental power and too much state control over business and industry, as we've seen most strikingly under President Barack Obama.
It depends ...

I think that revolutionary nationalism have more things in common with conservative nationalism than with International Marxism.

As political theory and actual practice throughout history demonstrate, both communism and fascism are left-wing political and economic ideologies -- as far as they can be from the right wing of the spectrum.
Fascism is left-wing in the nationalist part of the spectrum (Revolutionary Nationalism) and Communism is left-wing in the internationalist part of the spectrum (International Marxism).