The other day at work I had an Indian wearing a local Australian rugby team jersey, with what seemed a Lebanese Australian accent come up and put in a complaint with me about someone with whom I work, that someone was another Indian, however he spoke little English. Anyway the customer said ‘that import over there can’t even speak English’. ‘You should get rid of him’. Anyway I apologized to the customer, but I thought to myself wait a minute you are also an import from exactly the same country as him and I also have difficulty understanding your English with that accent.

He seemed to think he was a cut above the other guy as he had been living with us longer.

Moreover, I used to know a Eurasian guy that would say the most racist things about Asians and would get really mad whenever anybody said he looked Asian. It was as though he thought he was a cut above other Asians because he was part white.

A few days before the incident I had been reading about Noel Ignatiev a Jewish American history professor at the Massachusetts College of Art best known for his call to "abolish" the white race to stop racism .

Yet in my country a Professor who spoke out against taking less immigrants from the Sudan based on research was stood down

Talk about a double standard!

Racism is obviously not confined to whites

Just look at the Rwandan genocide between the Tutsis and the Hutus

Or the slaughter of whites by blacks taking place in South Africa today.

Or the white slave trade of the Barbary corsairs