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Thread: Shock Jock Kyle Sandilands Apologises for Calling India 'a S---hole'

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    Shock Jock Kyle Sandilands Apologises for Calling India 'a S---hole'

    SORRY is not a word you usually associate with spicy-tongued AGT judge Kyle Sandilands.

    After upsetting Magda Szubanski, Jewish people and Megan Gale, the radio shock jock was left sweating yesterday after the Hindu community took him to task for recently slamming the Ganges as "a junkyard" and India as "a s---hole", the Herald Sun reported.

    President of the Universal Society of Hinduism, Rajan Zed, urged the Australian Media and Communications Authority to take "appropriate action" over the gaffe.

    Steering clear of "sorry", the Hour of Power Fox FM favourite backtracked:

    "I'm apologising. Anyone that's Indian that listens to this show knows that I love Indians ... I don't discriminate. I love everyone.

    "I just made the mistake that the river, which, to me, looks polluted, I said it was a junkyard and I did not realise that it was holy."

    Let's hope when he said he loved Indians, he wasn't just referring to takeaways.
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    Whilst this halfwit insults and belittles contesters on his show from reputation, it is but another example of the Multi-Culturalist Police watchdogs which hover over every media and Workplace outlet. Does one "have to love indians" or any other racial-ethnic group? Hardly yet in Australia where our Tax Commission Executive Is a Indian, Where Melbourne Businesses and Towns are becoming Polluted with Indians and especially the National Cab Ranks like a coccaine addict Desperate for Indians it is no surprise that even a valid comment on the despicable state of Eastern Sanitation whether it be Yellow, Yangsthe or Ganges irregardless of Holy What-Not is attacked and from the individual demanded an apology.

    It is evidence yet again of the Lunatic Assylum dubbed "AUSTRALIA"(FAILIA) where Multi-Culturalism goes far further the Local Festival paid by hard earned taxpayers dollars...

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