Gods and Detectives is my newly published horror/action novel taking place during the halloween of 2010. An athlete and aerospace student named Donny Cooper mets the girl of his dreams in a vet student/superheroine named Ashley Vonnegut at Moravian college. Meanwhile a deviant member of spiritualist sect travels to Chicago explores a deceased mad scientists lair and actually sets the zombie serial killer free. Other unrelated lesser villains and the serial killer himself all play a role in trying their best to ruin 2010 halloween Pennsylvania. Suspense, mystery and changing plot twists will enthrall readers as Donny's uncle detective Mark Cooper is vigorously pursuing the trail of the "Cabin killer" and Ashley Vonnegut is using her mechanized gadgets while hot on his trail.

A short story is also attached to this book as well. Springtime is Asgard is an adventure tale taking place in 986 A.D. Norway. A brashing, sailor named Skeggi Ljungren comes back from raids and battles to the spring rites and celebrations to met a lovely young maiden. The two go on an adventure where they actually find the ring draupnir, Then the maiden Gudrun finds herself on an adventure to win a magic cloudberry plant in a grand cooking and houseware contest.


See my book here. A video will be uploaded really soon.