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Thread: Best Articles About Race and Intelligence?

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    Question Best Articles About Race and Intelligence?

    would you please help me to find some topics and articles about relations between " Race and Intelligence " in Skadi . i can't find them by myself.
    i need to write an essay about that and need more information and i knew Skadi is one of the rare source on internet that i can find the truth about that.

    i appreciate your helps

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    I don't like the free articles about intelligence because they usually don't go into detail.

    All political correctness aside...

    1) The Bell Curve does a great overview of behavioral differences (illegitimacy rate, high school/college dropout rate, number of children, IQ level, profession) and says that behavior- within all races- is correlated to the intelligence level of the individual.

    2) The G-Factor - by arthur Jensen. This is an expensive advanced book...
    This book basically says- scientists/professors/psychologists cannot decide how to define intelligence so Arthur comes up with the idea of G and defines the concept. G intelligence is probably caused by some biological characteristic that we don't understand yet but it reflects itself in numerous tests like IQ tests and matrix tests, and numerous other tests. G also has unknown effects in other currently non-testable areas of human behavior but we're only at the tip of the iceberg presently. He talks about how G is highly inherited, how races overlap but also differ in their average level of G. The biological reasons for G are not well understood but he goes into detail about interesting correlations with G such as...
    - Height- which he proves is an extrinsic correlation with IQ and G only becasue more intelligent people more often marry/have children with taller people. Height has no direct influence on IQ or G.
    -head size/brain size- finds correlation and says probably biologically related with G.
    -Myopia and IQ. He finds that this is probably also biologically influencing for G and IQ. (which is really strange but it's been tested numerous times)
    -Electrochemical activity in the brain; Spontaneous EEG correlates of G, higher IQ people have higher alapha frequency. The cause of this relationship is unknown. And also Average Evoked Potential Correlations of G; higher IQ subjects show shorter latencies (faster neural reaction), more peaks and troughs, smaller amplitude in responce to expected stimuli (more efficient expenditure of neural energy), greater complexity of AEP waves, and lesser intraindiviidual variability (greater consistency)
    He also finds that when people are resting the brain frequency of higher IQ subjects is at a higher frequency.
    He also looks at other things like Cerebral Glucose metabolism, peripheral nerve conduction velocity, brain nerve conduction velocity, blood types. etc.
    ^that was my favorite section of the book but he also talks about the studies on how heritable G is.

    Oh and another favorite part of the book is when he talks about how just like intelligence has a General Intelligence factor- so does the physical general ability factor- which some have more of than others. Also he shows that personality doesn't have a 3rd level- general factor but it has second level factors that influence other personality traits. He then lists the personality traits that are 2nd level factors and first level. (a third level factor is a factor that influences everything, and a second level factor only influences somethings)

    3) Race Evolution and behavior by Rushton

    That book talks about a lot of physical race differences- like development time etc.
    But it does touch upon the average intelligence differences between races.

    But keep in mind that in intelligence races do overlap somewhat. Concerning average intelligence; Ashkenazi Jews score highest then Asians then Europeans.

    I like the book IQ and the wealth of nations...
    ^check out the chart...

    Those are in my opinion the core books about race and intelligence. Many other great books barely tap on the topic but those should hit it head on.

    Another great beginner book is the "10,000 year explosion" which does an amazing job talking about recent human evolution (they even say Africans are bad farmers because they don't like long term planning lol), the Indo-European expansions, and Jewish intelligence.
    Check out the free previews of the books. If you have the money I'd recommend purchasing first the book by Rushton then '10,000 year explosion". The "Bell Curve" might be better suited for American audience but it basically shows the general trend that happens over the whole world. "G-Factor" is too technical for a beginner in this topic but interesting to understand the edge of biological studies on intelligence (G-Factor).

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    Refer to Ahnenerbe's collection thread The Scientific Evidence of Racial Differences - you'll find a category Race & Intelligence with links to several threads (essays, etc.) on the subject, as well as a list of publications.

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